So you want to participate in some light cyber-stalking of me? Of course you do! I myself am a big fan of the social-media creepin’… oh you have an unlocked Facebook page and 1,742 unrestricted photos? Don’t mind if I do!

The BEST way to track me down is via email: hmsiefers at

But, if you are one of those young hipsters who prefers the call of social media (I fall into this category, naturally) then you can always find me here:
Do you find my blog entertaining enough to want every post sent directly to your email? If so, I can make that happen (and if you are one of those people please accept my unwavering gratitude and an endless amount of warm fuzzies - bonus points if you get that reference)!

You can hook yourself up here: Subscribe to If I were a Wizard by Email

Business Peeps:
Perhaps you have an interest in working with me, if so that is incredibly exciting! Please contact me using the email link above.
Here are some of the areas where I can support your business or product:
  • Product Review: I live to be the first of my friends to try a new product and share my opinions!  As a new runner (and a recruiter of many new runners) I am always interested in hearing about products or races that will support my reluctant-runner status.  Additionally, any products that will support beating the heat - something critical for those living with Multiple Sclerosis - are always welcome.  I am also an avid crafter and DIY maven, I often post my creations on my blog and would relish the opportunity to share new techniques or products with my readers.  
  • Review requests can be sent to:  hmsiefers at
  • Review Policy: In order to give an honest and complete review, I will require that the product you would like reviewed be sent to me, that seems pretty obvious, amiright?  I would also love the chance to offer your item as a giveaway or provide a discount code to share with my readers. 
  • Please keep in mind that I strive to provide an accurate and honest review, therefore I cannot in good conscious provide a positive review for a product I don't love.  
Have questions? Please send them my way!

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