Monday, June 27, 2011

A goal realized!

For years (ok, maybe over a decade) I have “committed” myself to journaling, not because I have anything particularly interesting to document but because I want to remember the good, the bad and the ugly.  If you have known me for 5 minutes, you’ve probably learned I can have a bit of a hot temper (I recognize many of you are rolling your eyes at this understatement, its o.k.), but the side of me that many people never get to see is the side of unwavering gratitude.  It is this side of me that I want to write about, the me that still clings to all of my childhood memories, the me that will sit and stare into the forest for what feels like an eternity drinking in the peace and serenity of that moment. I don’t get to experience that “me” very often, therefore it was from journaling that I had hoped to reconnect with her.

A year's worth of abandoned journals
This brings me to why I am forsaking the countless written journals I have abandoned over the years and have moved to a digital format; I have found that when I write in a journal I write as though I am composing for someone else and not just for me.  As I document my stories I often find myself thinking about some of the other people in my life who would find the account as entertaining or meaningful as I had… enter BLOG!  Even if not a single other person ever reads a word I write, I am still fulfilling a long overdue promise I made to myself.  Life is too short to not cross as many of the items off of your “too do list” as possible, especially those low-hanging fruits!  With that, I am committed to launching into the world of the electronic journal… here’s hoping that some of you will want to take this journey with me and have a few laughs along the way!


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