Thursday, October 31, 2013

Heisenberg's Meth Recipe... ok maybe not but equally addictive!

So, I don't know about you but I really can't get enough of Starbucks... well I can do without their stupid-crazy prices, but an addict's gotta do what an addict's gotta do, right? (It is important to note that for the price of my venti, no-whip, skinny, caramel latte I could scarf down a Big Mac value meal).  Now in all fairness to Starbucks, if you just order a boring, standard drip coffee I am sure that the cost is comparable to a 7-11, but if I want a regular old coffee I have a Keurig at home collecting dust that I could use.  Oh no, if I am going to get my coffee on the outside I want to be able to prattle off a series of critical, coffee-formulating instructions like Tom Hanks in "You've Got Mail" to the Barista (I feel like this word is so fancy it warrants italics) or as I like to refer to them, my very own personal  "Coffee Concierge".
If I worked at Starbucks and someone submitted a sadist drink order anything resembling like that above, here is what that order would sound like to me:
Anyway, back to my tale...

Today, oh yes, today my world changed.  Somehow, the stars aligned and I managed to stumble upon the Holy Grail for Starbuck's addicts (which I can only compare to finding Heisenberg's Meth Recipe)...  The Ultimate Starbucks Recipe Book. Yep, right out there on the interwebs is a free download containing 30 pages of delicious beverage, pastry/coffee desserts and sauce recipes straight from the good people of Starbucks themselves.
Click here to download a PDF copy...
After perusing the contents I this book, I have to say that if I wasn't already impressed with the skill-set of these caffeine wielding ninjas Baristas, I am now thoroughly blown away at the artistry it takes to master their never-ending drink catalog.  Seriously, take a look at this thing... how can anyone commit all of these recipes to memory let alone having to cheerfully (and quickly) sling drinks at 6:00AM to crabby professionals preparing for their daily combat commute?

frappuccinoTo add insult to injury, some Baristas are even going rogue, moonlighting as potions masters creating their own version of iconic theme park drinks to the delight of their non-muggle customers... Butterbeer Frappuccino anyone? Yep, don't mind if I do.
So hats off to you, Starbucks Baristas of the world, for turning the skill of pouring a simple cup of coffee into a trade worthy of the legend of the Free Masons!

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