Thursday, July 16, 2015

It's Thirsty Thursday!

Repub Bar - Frostburg, MD
I started my college career at Frostburg State University, needless to say as a person who lacks any sense of self control my attempt at higher education was abysmal while attending FSU, thanks in no small part to Thirsty Thursday Dime Draft Nights at Repub bar – oh how that shiny, red wall paper brings back fond memories.  Seriously, you could get an 8 oz plastic cup of Milwaukee’s Best (who knew that Beast was available on tap?) for 10 cents from 8-10:00 PM; if you had $5 you were guaranteed to have a good night – beat that ivy-league grads (I kid, I kid). 

For those of you who attended college for the purpose of obtaining an education and are not familiar with Thirsty Thursday, the Urban Dictionary does a lovely job of explaining it for you over-achievers dedicated academics.  

Now, as a responsible grown-up I completely understand that technically alcohol is not a part of sound diet and nutrition plan. Still, I feel that life wouldn’t be worth living if I couldn’t enjoy a margarita, or wine, or beer… ok alcohol in general.  Therefore, I’m going to take one for the team as a commitment to your healthy lifestyle choices and source out spirits that are light on the calories but still great on taste.  See what I am willing to do for you people?
Oh the sacrifices I make! 

Today’s Thirsty Thursday Drink: the Skinny Lime Margarita at Texas Roadhouse.  Shawn and I eat at Texas Roadhouse almost every Friday evening… and I do loves me a happy hour margarita for $3 each (I usually throw in a Margartiaville® Tequila Gold & di Amore® Quattro Orange™ “kicker” for an extra $1).  I can easily plow through 2-3 of them during our meal don’t judge me. However, once I realized that a classic 6 oz margarita was 15 Weight Watcher’s Points, I nearly fainted.  I only get 26 points per day and I was easily drinking 45 points in one meal!

You can imagine my excitement when, while browsing through their drink menu, I stumbled upon the Skinny Lime Margarita; a yummy blend featuring Margaritaville® Tequila Gold, di Amore® Quatro Orange™, and lime juice with a hint of fresh orange. Bear in mind that the drink is prepared using fresh citrus juices instead of a mix and therefore the Skinny Lime Margarita doesn’t have the sweetness of a traditional margarita but at only 6 WW Points per glass I think my taste buds can adapt! The serving size is also almost double that of the happy hour margarita therefore I only end up drinking 1 ok maybe 2 during our meal as well. If you are a fan of the margarita (how could you not be) and are also concerned about your waist-line, I really do recommend that you give this drink a try. I don’t think that you will be disappointed. I have also recreated the drink at home with varying degrees of success (I'm a little heavy handed with the tequila). 

Tune in next week for my Thirsty Thursday low(er) calorie drink recipe and review - The Basic Bellini. I may have to pull in my PIC, Melinda, for this taste-test!  

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  1. Bring it on! I'm always ready for a low(er) calorie drink alternative.