Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Random Moment of Joy This Morning...

When someone asks me what I love the most about being me I always give the same answer: I love that I am a lucid dreamer.  My dreams are consistently so vivid that sometimes upon awakening I have to take a moment to consider if what I experienced was real or not.  Frankly, there is nothing more exciting for me on most days than the anticipation falling asleep because I never know what new adventure I will get to take that evening.  When I am having a particularly good dream, I can often pick up where I left off after waking up for a “bio-break”.  Honestly, it is AWESOME!
Case in point, last night I had the greatest dream… there was a “lost” Harry Potter book that no one knew about that was also turned into a movie.  It was about life after Voldem…er...”he who shall not be named” for Harry, Ron and Hermione.  They were all living together in an apartment, or maybe it was 12 Grimmauld Place, actually it kind of looked like Grimmauld place now that I think about it. Anyway...
It is so odd to feel that level of excitement and happiness in a dream and that it stays with you throughout the morning.  As I sit here reflecting upon my eternal optimism that J. K. Rowling will someday revisit Harry's story in some way, I long to believe that this was a premonition rather than just a flight of fancy that we will someday be reunited with Hogwarts once again.
I just thought I would share this random expression of joy with you all this morning, and my unwavering belief that we have not heard the last from Harry!
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