Friday, October 2, 2015

Not Today Treadmill... Not Today

In case you live in a cave, you probably know that the east coast has been getting hammered this week with torrential rain.  There are little, fleeting pockets of time when the weather gods try and trick you into a sense of security with a 20 minute break in the weather, only to laugh at you when they open up the heavens once more with another deluge. The weather gods and I have been playing this game of cat and mouse all week, and so far, I am losing the battle. 

In fits of desperation, I peek into my exercise room and side-eye the treadmill, only to slowly close the door… not today treadmill, not today. I simply have not sunk that low yet. As I sit here in my office watching the rain stream down my window for the 4th day straight, I know that rain or shine I AM RUNNING OUTSIDE TODAY. Period.  The Marine Corps Marathon and 10K is in a few weeks and everyone participating in the event is grappling with the same dilemma: suck it up and run outside in the soaking rain and wind or cave in and hop on the treadmill for hours of mind-numbing, soul-sucking boredom. From what I can tell, there is a 50/50
split between those who decide to bear down and brave the elements and those to succumb to the impending misery of being wet and cold and instead hop on the dreadmill. 

Being the trooper that I am (insert eye-roll here), I've opted for neither and instead have spent 4 blissful (but guilt-ridden) days relaxing on the couch. I have considered "Fat Amy's" brilliant idea of "horizontal running" as an alternative, but then my stupid brain kicks in and reminds me that it probably but not definitely won't work, much like my theory of studying through osmosis when I was in college (Public Service Announcement: Sleeping on your textbook does not result in the absorption of the knowledge contained within into your brain).
But as I approach Day 4 of complete and total lethargy, I know it is time for me to join the legions of Marine Corps Marathon & 10K runners who are taking a stand against those fickle weather gods and resuming their training schedules, come hell or high-water (literally).  While I will be giving every person passing me in their warm, dry cars the mental middle finger, somewhere deep, DEEP down in my soul I will know that I am truly dedicated to my training because anyone can run on a perfect fall day, but it takes a bad-ass to CHOOSE to run through this crappy weather without a pack of wild dogs chasing you. 
So hats off to all of my fellow east cost runners who are getting out there and putting one foot in front of the other this soggy week.  You are my inspiration!!

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