Tuesday, December 1, 2015

37 Days of Awesome - Days 1 to 5

A few weeks ago I was on a flight with time to kill, and instead of paying $7 for in-flight internet access, thanks United Airlines for nickle and diming me I opted to read my latest issue of Runner's World magazine. Normally I just skim through and read the articles that jump out at me as being interesting, but as I had 4 hours of spare time on my hands I ended up reading the issue cover to cover which is where I learned about the Runner's World Run Streak

According to Runner's World, the goal is simple: "Run at least one mile per day, every day, starting on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 26) and ending on New Year's Day (Friday, January 1). That's 37 consecutive days of running."

When you are sitting on a cramped airplane bored out of your mind eating fistfuls of gummy bears and delicious Combos pretzel snacks, the idea of a running streak seems like a brilliant idea in which one would be stupid not to participate, especially when I considered the upcoming holidays and my penchant to over-indulge in all things fatty-sugary-salty-alcoholy-delicious. 

So, somewhere over Iowa I made up my mind that I was committed to following though with it. Now, I am usually a 2-3 times a week runner, doing anywhere from 3-5 miles during my weekday run(s) and then 5+ miles on my weekend long runs... and trust me, peeling myself off of the couch to get
those runs in is a challenge unto itself - where is my medal for succeeding at that challenge? Yet here I am, 5 days into the Run Streak and so far I am winning the battle. 

Day 1: Thanksgiving Turkey Trot
Yep, I sure did drag my lazy butt out of bed Thanksgiving morning to meet up with my PIC, Melinda, and 3,000 other crazy people to run the Frederick Turkey Trot 5K. 
The highlight of the race for me was the post-race mimosa (ok, 3 mimosas) I enjoyed when I got home, not my 37:55 minute finish time (lame).
Day 2 & 3: The Treadmill - We meet again, old friend
After months of hiding from it, I decided to dust off the old treadmill to quickly knock out my required 1 mile per day for this challenge. Let's be real, the weekend after Thanksgiving is meant for 3 things: shopping, decorating, and stuffing your word-hole with leftover pumpkin pie, therefore I wasn't wasting my precious time trying to impress anyone with a pretentious distance run. The second that treadmill hit 1 mile I shut her down and grabbed a fork.  
Sunday I ran my farthest distance yet, 9.4 miles. The weather was cool, overcast and perfect for a run. Yet somehow it still took me half the day of listening to the angel on my right shoulder argue with the devil on me left shoulder about about why or why not I should get up and run... finally around 1:30 in the afternoon the angel won. It took me 3 long miles before I finally hit my stride and really started to enjoy this run. My time wasn't impressive, but I finished in the upright position with a smile on my face, so Jeff Galloway would be proud.  
Day 5: Back to the Treadmill
Getting in my mile last night on the treadmill didn't feel as soul-sucking as it did on Days 2 & 3 (but I still only did 1.5 miles). Maybe it was because I forgot that when I run on the treadmill I can also dance without worrying about anyone seeing me and thinking I am having some sort of psychotic fit, something I have to consider when I run outside - I'm pretty sure I already look a bit like Phoebe when I run anyway. 

So tell me, have any of you committed to the RW Run streak? If so how are you doing?

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  1. Haha, I love that meme. I've seen various versions of it recently. No running streak for me but I've been training every day for the past 7 weeks and likely will continue...my new coach doesn't give total days off. Good luck!!